The boutique’s primary business is selling items on consignment.  The majority of people do not understand the meaning of consignment.  Most people get the meaning of consignment confused with the meaning of resale.  To put items on consignment you take items to a store, who acts as your agent to sell the items under a contract.  After the items have sold, you, the consignor, receive payment from the store, the consignee.  Stores whose business is resale  purchase items directly from you, but at a much lower price than what you could receive selling items on consignment.  We operate as a consignment business only.  We do not buy items directly from you.  You receive money for your items only after they have sold.


1. We only accept garments and accessories that are bridal or formal related, of which can be new with tags, or “gently loved.”


2. We accept garments and accessories not older than three years of age.  We will carefully inspect your items and if we deem them beyond three years of age, we may not accept them.  Some exceptions are made if wedding gowns are over three years of age, but not beyond ten years for a select group of gowns we offer to debutantes who have certain guidelines they must meet.



4. If your items sell, you will receive 50% of the selling price.


5. Our contract with the consignor is for one year with a $15 or $20 registration fee to open up an account.  The amount of the registration fee is based upon the garment type, as well as how many garments/accessories are brought in for consignment. The contract is exclusively with us and items cannot be listed on any other website or sold directly by you while items are under contract.  Items must be left for the length of the contract and will be released at the earliest one week prior to the contract expiration.




Once all the excitement, fun, and celebration of your wedding are over, consider consigning your gown and wedding related accessories with us to sell for you.  If you have a daughter, chances are she will not want to wear your dress.  Did you wear your mother’s?  Why pay to have your dress preserved in a box, and have to store that large box either under a bed, in a closet, or worse case, in the basement?  Consigning is a great way to get some return on your investment.



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