We provide high quality professional in-house alterations for brides and her bridal party.  Our   experience of 30+ years is backed with a Bachelor of Science degree in Fashion Design from the highly acclaimed DAAP College at the University of Cincinnati.  The art of fitting and our extensive knowledge of garment construction and design were perfected from experience at DAAP and working within the fashion industry to ensure your gown will have the perfect fit.  We alter gowns purchased from us, as well as gowns purchased from other bridal stores.  An appointment is required for all alterations.  Since the utmost care and attention is given to every bride having alterations done by us, we require you to schedule your appointment at least two to three months before your wedding date.  During the very busy months for alterations, from February thru July, and September thru October, three months ahead is recommended.







        Another service we provide is steaming for your wedding gown after the gown has been altered.  There are two levels of steaming service which we offer.  One level is the full service steam, the other level is surface only steam.  We recommend the full service steam for gowns with multiple layers of fabric and under structure, as well as those with a large amount of wrinkles.  The surface only steam is usually recommended for lighter weight gowns just needing a quick touch up without many layers or wrinkles.  The full service steam starts with the underneath layers, making sure the wrinkles in the crinoline slip are steamed out first before starting on the outer layers.  If the under structure of the gown does not look good, neither will the outer layers.  A wrinkled gown cannot be steamed only on the outside and expect the underneath layers to steam out at the same time.


         You want to look perfect on your wedding day, so we make sure you will.  If we alter your gown, we will steam it the week of your wedding.  We can keep your gown for you up until the day before your wedding so it will stay wrinkle free.  You don’t have to worry about where you are going to keep it so it will look perfect for your special day.


          If we do not alter your wedding gown, we can still steam it for you.  Please make sure you call us two weeks before your wedding day so time can be scheduled for your gown.  Gown should be dropped off no later than the beginning of the week of your wedding day.


         We also steam veils, and all other bridal party dresses.




Slip Rentals


         We have a nice selection of slips in different sizes and styles which are available to rent.  Why pay $60 or more for a slip you will have no idea of where or how to store after your wedding.  (Unless of course, you would consign it with us.)  It is one more added expense you can save money on if you rent, versus buying a new one.  Our slips are rented out on a three-day business rental for your wedding date.  The slips are able to be taken out one time for your fitting, and this is included in the cost of the rental.  If you need the slip for additional fittings, a small additional fee applies.  If your wedding is out of town and you need the slip longer than the three days, arrangements can be set up.  (An additional fee will apply.)


         Slip rentals range from $30-$45 depending on the fullness of the slip your dress will need.  There is also an additional $15 deposit required to be paid in addition to the cost of the rental.  This deposit will be refunded to you after the slip is returned to us by the third day in good condition.  Good condition refers to no major rips or tears that would require repair as well as no excessive staining beyond the normal dirt the hemline of a slip will pick up.


        We encourage you to bring your dress in with you when selecting the slip.  By doing so, you can try on different fullness of slips to see which one will give the correct shape for your dress.  We can assist you in making your decision if you are not sure which slip will be the best one for you.  After choosing the slip that will work, we do recommend either full payment of rental fee and deposit be paid at that time, or at least the deposit so the slip can be held for your wedding date.  In this way, we can guarantee you will receive the exact slip you selected for your dress when you come back in to pick it up.



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